We are Focused Support.

With over 15 years of experience serving companies of all sizes, and in nearly every industry, few are better positioned to offer you the support, solutions, and advice you need to make well-informed IT decisions for your business.

We are consultants and advisors first.

We strive to build lasting relationships and always give our best advice. Today, most businesses depend heavilly on their network. Your IT provider has the keys to your business (in many cases, literally). Building a local, trusted relationship is critical to making IT decisions that advance your business interests.

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New business clients receive one complimentary hour of service. Use this hour however you choose. Resolve an issue on a workstation or server. You can even use us as a third party to evaluate the recommendations of another IT companys proposal before making a big decision. While we make this offer because we want the chance to win your business, if we don't see anything wrong with the proposal, that's exactly what we will tell you. Please see above for our normal rates and call us to discuss flat-rate project bids.

- Matt Pruett


$115/hour - One hour minimum - 30 minute increments after first hour.

Phone/Remote Support

$115/hour in 30 minute increments.

Calls less than 15 minutes: Free

Business Clients

New business clients receive a complimentary hour of on-site support.

PC Repair Package for Home Users

$175 Maximum labor charge.
(Per computer)