From medical offices and construction firms, to the home office, we have a broad range of experience serving small and mid-sized businesses in the Twin Cities metro area.

Still paying your local phone company hundreds of dollars every month for an inflexible and outdated phone system? Leverage VOIP to substantially cut costs while adding new functionality. Don't miss a call if you lose power, we can easily fail-over to one or more cellphones, other devices, or even an off-site phone system.

Backups? A good start. Have you tested it recently? Do you know you can restore the backup? Do you know how long recovery would take? A disaster recovery plan, including periodic testing, is critical to ensure that when disaster strikes you can get back up and running quickly. We have plans to fit any budget.

Today there are many options to use low cost cloud services from Amazon AWS® and others to create highly flexible and resilient platforms commonly used for webhosting, virtual servers/desktops, hosted line-of-business applications, and of course to provide the off-site component for Disaster Recovery plans.

We have expertise in a broad range of environments of all types and sizes from a single pc at home, to companies with hundreds of devices. We support Microsoft® environments as well as mixed environments with Linux and Apple®.